Friday, 19 June 2009

My first attempt at creating a video

My nephew who got married a few weeks ago, hired a professional photographer to take pictures of the event. I had a look at the photographer's website where he has uploaded a video montage of the wedding. I have to say that the guy is quite good... the photos are beautiful.

Since I have my own collection of pics of the event, I thought that I might try making a video of my own. The Windows Movie Maker program has been sitting in my laptop all this while and it is about time that I experiment with it.

So here's my first attempt at video making... it is nowhere as good as the pro's, but we all have to start somewhere. Bear in mind that the pro-photographer used a dSLR. Where I lose out are the zoom shots, close-up potraits, depth-of-field control and of course, sharpness. In other words, everything *sigh*

I really need to get my hands on a Nikon dSLR soon...


HLiza said...

Nikon really makes great cameras..DSLR really made a change in my photographic life..have a hand on it if you can!

I've never tried making videos so farwith Windows Movie Maker; but I had done that with many internet programmes..only not so keen about it.

I love the wedding pics you took..especially with the groom laughing most of the clearly was obvious! I had imagined myself being a wedding photographer for my two younger siblings in the future..but maybe it's not that easy when the time comes because i have to be 'orang kuat' nanti..sedara terdekatlah katakan..

zafi said...

Nice attempt!
No harm trying... :)

Kama said...

Commendable effort for a beginner! Caya...lah.. Ni kalau banyak kali but, boleh cari makan ler..:)

Chahya said...

Such a joyous occasion.
Beautiful bride.
Cheerful rombongan.
Good Uncle...for engraving the memories in his new found skill, making movies out of MovieMaker.

When you own the dSLR, tell us about it! You will. I can almost see you holding it! ;)

Patricia said...

I thought that was pretty cool. I much prefer these stills to an actual video which can tend to be boring to people who know none of the characters, or their parts.

Pretty nice background song, too :)

mamasita said...

All I can sincerely say did it!!!!
Bukan senang oi..
Fantastic and so menitis airmata kind of gambar..beautiful and full of joy and happiness!
Syabas Mr Videoman!

mamasita said...

Salam Oldstock.
You're a fantastic uncle. The video is so lovely for an amateur like you.
I am very proud to say "you did it!"
Gambar2 semua exude so much happiness and joy that your nephew must have been so happy and thankful for your very gigantic effort!!

fuadtopa said...

salam... thanks sbb dtg ke website saya k. Takpe yang penting awak dah tanamkan minat sblm membeli DSLR... sbb ada setengah org tak menghargai apa yg dia ada... if u want to ask anything just let me know k.. wasalam

Oldstock said...


The blogger friends in my blogroll who have keen interest in photography mostly use Nikon. This include yourself, Emila and Madam Markonah.

My first digicam was a Nikon Coolpix that I bought in 2002. It died on me last month and I bought a Canon Powershot as a replacement. Somehow, the pics taken with the Nikon has sharper colours although it was only 3.2 megapixels. I've been meaning to get a dslr for years, cuma keutamaan lain perlu didulukan.

Anyway, as for you, do not give up the chance to take pics at your siblings wedding... walaupun sibuk sebagai `orang kuat'. Just have the camera handy with you all the time. I sure there's ample opportunities to take good shots.

Oldstock said...

-> Zafi, thanks.

-> Kak Kama, I'm seriously trying to improve myself in this hobby that I first picked up while I was a student. Mungkin boleh digunakan utk cari makan bila dah pencen nanti ;-)

Oldstock said...


Pasal cheerful rombongan tu memang tepat sekali. My wife's siblings are generally a jolly lot. Kuat bergurau dan kuat menyakat. Even when the groom's parents have moved to Selangor, we still had the toll gate routine before the groom and bride were allowed to naik pelamin. The groom's best man was struggling to find a way through, heheheh.

Oldstock said...


Thanks for the encouragement. Background music is from Michael Learns To Rock.

Oldstock said...


Thanks. Actually, making that video was just pure experimentation and personal interest only. My nephew will get the pro video that's a hundred times better than mine.

Tapi seronok jugak la dapat create something. For the next family occasion, I now know what to look out for.

Oldstock said...

Saudara Fuad Topa,

Ibu Dr. Fathh yg berikan kami website anda. You have taken great pics. Saya rasa banyak lagi gambar-gambar yg kamu ambil tapi belum disiarkan. Good work and thanks for dropping by.

Tok Snake said...

siapa itu woodstock? loyar? majistret? enjiniar? hah apa? fotografer? pantang keturunan aku kawin sama itu fotografer!


Ki Moira said...

bos, im coming down to JB soon to jalan2.

Anonymous said...

good effort...very nice video..

been toying with the idea of creating a movie for my son's wedding pics too..

but then.. have to search where did i keep those pics....hahaha...


Oldstock said...

Tok Snake,

Kalau gitu... maka aku rekomen ahli muzik saja yang boleh kawin dengan keturunan kamu, hahahaha.... :-)

Oldstock said...


You have my number kan? Give me a call when you are down here. We shall have teh tarik and goreng pisang cicah sambal kicap.

Oldstock said...


You should try too... I'd love to have a look at your son's wedding pics.

Madam Markonah said...

Ok what? I like it :-) You make me feel like going thru my wedding pics, scan them and create a video myself hahhaahha! Al-maklum la... zaman tu masih pakai film... Rasa tua la pulak!

Oldstock said...


Mana ada tua... selagi bekerja siang malam, kira muda lagi la tu :-)