Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The zipper club

We were up at KL and Shah Alam last weekend to send our second son back for his second semester at UiTM. After sending my son back to his hostel, I took the opportunity to visit a friend who stays at nearby Section 7.

My friend Yos, had just undergone bypass surgery on his heart 3 weeks ago. On Sunday, he held a kenduri doa selamat (thanksgiving lunch reception) at his house and invited close friends to come over.

I have known Yos since we first met at boarding school in Kuantan. He went on to study in Australia while I went to the UK. We met again when both of us started our engineering careers at the same organization in Johor Bahru.

I first received news of his ailment through our email group in Yahoo just before the operation was to take place. I couldn't make it to KL at the time so I just sent him a text message praying for his successful surgery. So when it was time to be sending my son back to college, it became convenient for me to drop by for a visit.

Yos was in cheerful mood, as he has always been. He told me that he went to see a cardiologist at Damansara Specialist Hospital after feeling some chest pains. The cardiologist, Dr. Daud, who happens to be our junior at boarding school, arranged for a full check-up. As my friend commenced the first steps on the treadmill stress test, Dr. Daud immediately stopped the test and called for a senior cardiologist to review the results. Further tests confirmed that Yos had blockages at 4 locations and that bypass surgery is required.

The surgery was successfully carried out three weeks ago and hopefully my friend is on the road to a quick recovery. Yos is the second close friend of mine who has undergone open heart surgery (the story of the other friend can be read here -> The heart of the matter). He is now a member of the exclusive zipper club, whose members carry the distinctive Y-shaped surgical scars on their chest.

That Sunday afternoon, a few other batch-mates from MRSM Kuantan were also there. One of them asked Yos how healthy he felt at the moment... 60%? 70%?. Before Yos could answer, another friend jokingly asked if he has already resumed the husband/wife activity. Yos sportingly replied that this is in fact, one of the FAQs in the post-surgery info the hospital provided to its heart surgery patients. According to doctor's advice, if the patient can walk 1 kilometre with ease, then he should be able to proceed with lovemaking activity.

Yos then pointed to the children's playground opposite his house. `The footpath around that playground is about 300m', he says. `And I have been completing five laps of it everyday...'

`Yeah?', one of us chipped in. `But have you been doing it with ease?' Hehehehe.....

To my friend Yos, I pray for your continued recovery. Be careful of what you eat. Continue with the therapy and exercises. Pretty soon, you'll be walking that 1km with relative ease :-)


mamasita said...

I too pray your friend Yos recovers quickly and boleh start normally again in all his normal daily activities.

We all pun nampaknya kena go for checkups regularly kan..

Pak Zawi said...

It is often when you lose your health that you start to look after it well. The food that we eat and our life style that contribute to our deteriorating helath. Your posts reminds us of what we should do to keep our health.

Kama said...

Salam Oldstock. I too pray for his full recovery.. Insyaallah Yos'll be alright.

This posting of yours has got me worried about Pak Abu's health. Not that he is unwell, but he simply refuses to go for a normal medical checkup. 'If it ain't broken, don't fix it', itu katanya. But you don't know what you have (or don't have) if you don't have yourself checked. We found out about his diabetes masa 'forced checkup' nak pi Haji.

Tell me how to convince this man to go for a medical.

VersedAnggerik said...


typical of men! Orang tengah sakit2, U all tanya pasal benda tuh pulak?

yang sakit pun mesti tak ngaku sakit bila come to that department, kan? Kan?

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Ya Oldstock, I'd been hearing more of heart attack cases with my friends in M'sia lately. It think it's probably the dietary intakes, the work stress & the political anxiety there.

I'm more like Pak Abu except that I'm afraid to hear any bad news, so far so good, fingers crossed.

Ahan, the official research figure is that men think about 'that thing'{u know 's' wink2} every 7 seconds...muahaha. Oso heard of ppl having heart attack & dropping dead whilst engaging in that activity :))


Oldstock said...


My friend got a 3-months medical leave from the doctor. But since he is his own boss, the MC is immaterial. I just hope he takes whatever time he needs to fully recover.

Oldstock said...

Pak Zawi,

I guess that's the norm when it comes to taking care of our own health. Bila kena penyakit baru nak ubah cara hidup... and I'm saying this from my own personal experience.

I'm already watching my food intake... cuma part exercise tu masih lembab lagi. Entah bila boleh konsisten...

Zendra said...

Oldstock, my biras did not make it yesterday. Also 4 blockages. Was retired and enjoying totally stress-free retirement. He was a good man. Only 58.

Oldstock said...

Salam Kak Kama,

There are many old gentlemen like Pak Abu who refuse to go for medical check-ups. My brother-in-law is one such person. He does not want to go for check-ups because he's worried to know of all the ailments he may be having.

I would like to give you pointers on how to get Pak Abu to do a medical but it is quite difficult if the person concerned does not think it is important. One of the way he might change his mind if he sees a close friend or family member suffer. Perhaps the other method is to let him know that if he becomes sick, then you and your children would suffer too.

Cuba Kak Kama pujuk dia elok-elok... kalau Pak Abu sakit, kan nanti anak beranak juga yang susah.

If that doesn't work, then the only thing left to do is to be prepared. Get good medical insurance cover and have savings in hand to be used during difficult times.

Oldstock said...


We guys are straight-forward... let's get the important issues out of the way. Takyah nak selindung...muahahaha!

Oldstock said...


For those who drop dead because of heart attack while doing that activity, at least they died happy! Hehehehe..

Oldstock said...


My deepest condolences. May Allah bless his soul.

Snakebite said...

yay for yos

Patricia said...

My best wishes to your friend, Oldstock. I hope he recovers completely and is able to the those 'laps' with ease, and then some! ;)

drwati said...

mr oldstock,
this is out of topic, but since you mentioned that you went to mrsm kuantan probably some 30 yrs ago (right?) then my father in law might be your chemistry teacher + pen pengetua, his name is Mohd Zin Abu.

there's another exclusive zipper club that you can only join after death (provided that the manner death is suspicious enough) -nauzubillah

Oldstock said...

-> Tok snake, yay for all men too!

-> Pat, thanks for the wishes. I'll check again with my friend once he's walked that extra mile ;-)

-> Doc, yes I recall a Cikgu Zin but I was not in his class. Bila you sebut 30 years ago... terasa macam dah tua bebenor, heheheh..

Justiffa said...

It gets a little scary when people around us start falling like leaves..and these days its not always about age. mustnt take it lying down tho so buat la pape yg patut (like signing up for a marathon ke...ekekeh j/k).

Hope ur friend accomplishes all his targets ;)

HLiza said...

Scary..already a Zipper's Club among you guys? I think you guys are just around 10 years older than me right..how can that be? Takpe..I hope your friend will recover soon..I know 'that' activity leads men's life..without it you don't see life functioning..but tell him to go slow. Looks like we need to learn from this and be health-concious too ya Pak..let's take a good care of our heart..

Oldstock said...


I wish I could be running that marathon with you but alas, I'm not that fit. I can just about walk 1km with ease :-)

Oldstock said...


The risk of heart disease in men becomes very high once we start to hit 40. Apart from the standard reasons of diet and habit (smoking, lack of exercise etc.), stress is another main contributor.

I take your point about taking care of one's own health. That's why nowadays, when things at work become rough (like getting screwed by clients and the like), I just let it pass and look towards a new day. Not worth getting stressed up about it.

Anonymous said...

Mr Oldstock,

Just want to share my experience. I had my bypass in June 2006 that time I was 44. I had 4 blocks. First I went and see Dr Daud also but at time DSH didnot accept Prudential Ins so I had to go to Gleneagles. It cost 50k. No joke my friend. So you guys better go n get ins coverage. Thanks to my wife she insisted me to buy the policy 1 yr 9 months before the opt.Thanks to Allah for giving me the 2nd chances.
And about that activity my wife had to play the major role for the first few months as advised by Dr. Daud.He he he....


Oldstock said...

Sdra AMAN,

Thank God for 2nd chances and thank you for sharing your experience.

I hope other readers of this blog would take heed of the advice regarding the medical insurance.

And lastly... what would we men do without our understanding wives, hehehe... :-)

You take care, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Salam Fadhil. Hope you still remember me, Badique. We were on the same flight to UK, staying in Blackheath & then commuting from Bayswater to Greenwich daily.

I'm staying in Shah Alam & if you send your son again to Uitm, pls drop by. (My no. 019-3265959)

Oldstock said...

Salam Badique,

Of course I remember... all those years ago. Will give you a call on my next trip to Shah Alam. Always good to meet up with old friends.