Monday, 28 June 2010

The next game to watch : Germany vs Argentina

In the previous post, the England team was not on my list of favourites to lift the title. The just completed game against Germany shows us why. Even if we were to count in the clearly legitimate goal by Frank Lampard, it would still not be enough.

The Germans were devastating in their quick and accurate counter-attacks. And they have talented youth in their side. The England defenders were simply too slow.

Germany will next meet the winners of the Mexico - Argentina match. It would most likely be Argentina.

At least for me, Ghana has moved to the last eight. Something for me to continue cheering for..

Update 6.30am : Argentina beat Mexico 3 - 1. The first goal by Tevez is also controversial.


Nurie said...

wah oldstock, looks like you have caught the world cup fever :-)
A post in the blog right after the game!

Sedeh jugk tgk england kalah walaupun dah tahu the chance to win is so thin for them. I bet they are gonna talk about the no goal issue for a very very very long time!

HLiza said...

Nowadays even though I hardly follow the World Cup, the updates are all around SinarFm, in the blogs, least makcik tahu jugalah apa berlaku..he he

alias said...

Now, I left with Japan. Too bad that South Korea narrowly lost to Uruguay.
By the way, my link is is a new business venture hehe..
It got link to Live Stream FIFA World Cup too..latest news on World Cup is there.

Justiffa said...

Heh the only 2 games that stand out for me was last nites game when the agile germans thrashed the brits (yehaaa) and when the slovaks bulldozed the i-ta-lians.. siap dgn drama cucuk2 mata lagi hehehe. yang lain very much just a blur of teams but i enjoy the running & footwork.. the body can really be quite a powerhouse.

Hey hope you've sorted things out. just keep cool & stay macho "while the dust settles" ;D

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Oldstock, for me it’s like there’s 2 parallel universe like in the movie ‘Sliding Doors’. If they’d allowed that England equalising goal, it would have been a totally different ball game altogether. England would have won that match & gone on to win the World Cup…..kekeke, it must be the good s**t that I’d been smoking the night before. Ok, I’m with u all the way now in our very own fantasy world, GHANA for the Cup!!!


Oldstock said...

Noor, the laptop was on, so that's why I could type something right after the game.

For all the technology that's available nowadays, it boggles the mind to try understand why FIFA still refuse to have video assitance.

Oldstock said...


It's going to be tough for Japan, but you never know.

Oldstock said...


I'm trying to keep my cool..

Yang the macho part tu, susah sikit la, heheheh...

Oldstock said...


I love that Sliding Doors movie... very intriguing.

Ok, now you consider this... the England - Germany game in 1966. Geoff Hurst's goal is disallowed, the Germans plays better and then win the game. England will be a nation just like Holland, good football but never a world champion. Sounds creepy, right? Hehehe...

You enjoy the rest of the tournament, my friend. Cheers :-)

Oldstock said...

Hliza, walau tak minat, tapi kena tahu jugak. Could be useful in your line of work... especially to break the ice.

DrSam said...

At last...England being kicked-out from the game has confirmed my long suspicion. The team is only good on paper, but a shambles in the pitch...even full of club pedigree. is either Kaka or Messi :)

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Oldstock
Paul the Octopus says Germany will win against Argentina. AFP reported that the eight-legged oracle correctly tipped Germany to beat Ghana and Australia in their group D matches and was also right to predict they would lose to Serbia. He also treacherously but correctly foretold Germany’s win over England in their last-16 clash on Sunday.

Oldstock said...


As of this morning, both Kaka and Messi are also out!

Oldstock said...

Salam Fauziah,

Wow... that octopus fella is really good! Germany made Argentina look like school kids..

So what does he say about a possible Holland - Germany final?