Saturday, 17 July 2010

Blooms and blossoms

A flower and garden festival is currently being held at Putrajaya. Officially named Floria `10, the event is organized by the Putrajaya Corporation at Precinct 2 along the lake waterfront. I became aware of this festival after reading a post in Mamasita's blog.

Having been to such events before in Johor Bahru, I knew that it would be a good place to experiment with some digital photography skills. The splash of colours is wonderful to see. Almost everybody was snapping pictures at all sorts of angles... here, there and everywhere. From the simple camera-phones, the compact digicam to the high-end DSLRs of the pros... the full range of cameras can be seen in use.

Previously, when I took photos using a point-n-shoot compact, I envied the guys snapping away with those classy DSLRs. Now, with a Nikon DSLR myself, I envy those who have the long telephoto and short macro lenses... never can we be ever satisfied. Anyway, here is a sample of my effort from yesterday.

The festival ends tomorrow 18 July 2010. I end this post with the opening lines of Afternoon On A Hill, a lovely poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay :

I will be the gladdest thing
Under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
And not pick one.


Helang a.k.a Ashee said...

Nice pictures and such a great effort oldstock..:)..wa malaysia tengah musim bunga la..hehe..

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Oldstock, this is the sensitive side of guys like us (Pak Mat, MatB incl.) that women find so endearing; maybe I still got some rough edges to polish…kakaka.

Nice photos, I like the part where u curi-curi take photos of other people too in those pictures, I apologize if they r your friends. Glad u had a great day there.


P/S- I loved that poem too, too bad I picked one & sentenced to a life long term to never touch another flower again :((....LOL..

HLiza said...

Yours is the fourth blog I see featuring the flora festival..grr..I love all your pics..tak boleh cari makanlah photographers lain cam ni..

Pat said...

I thought I'd reciprocate in the words of Khalil Gibran:

Song of the Flower xxiii

I am a kind word uttered and repeated
By the voice of Nature;
I am a star fallen from the
Blue tent upon the green carpet.
I am the daughter of the elements
With whom Winter conceived;
To whom Spring gave birth; I was
Reared in the lap of Summer and I
Slept in the bed of Autumn.

At dawn I unite with the breeze
To announce the coming of light;
At eventide I join the birds
In bidding the light farewell.

The plains are decorated with
My beautiful colors, and the air
Is scented with my fragrance.

As I embrace Slumber the eyes of
Night watch over me, and as I
Awaken I stare at the sun, which is
The only eye of the day.

I drink dew for wine, and hearken to
The voices of the birds, and dance
To the rhythmic swaying of the grass.

I am the lover's gift; I am the wedding wreath;
I am the memory of a moment of happiness;
I am the last gift of the living to the dead;
I am a part of joy and a part of sorrow.

But I look up high to see only the light,
And never look down to see my shadow.
This is wisdom which man must learn.

VersedAnggerik said...

Wahhhhh! Cantek- cantek btul gambor U now dah ada DSLR!

Keep it up... I loike!

Oldstock said...

Salam Helang aka Ash,

Not so much of effort if there's the interest and excitement in doing it.

It is getting my bum off the couch and getting there, that's the effort.

How's summer in the big apple?

Oldstock said...


Those girls purposely entered the frame of my picture as I was taking the shot... heheheh..

I guess you notice that MatB is now into photography as well.. he's taking good pics, and that with only a compact camera.

You sure or not.. you only loyal to that one flower you picked *winks*

Have a good week, my friend.

Oldstock said...


Kami ni jurugambar amatur sahaja. Bila saya tengok pro amik gambo bunga hari tu... jauh lagi saya nak capai tahap mereka.

Tapi kira ok la kan.. setakat nak mencuba kebolehan dgn dslr dgn standard lens.

Oldstock said...


Lovely poem. Thank you.

Oldstock said...


Yes, got the Nikon a few months ago after itching for one for two years.

Now itching for a telephoto lens. That would probably be after the next two years.. heheh..

DrSam said...

Salam oldstock. Good work! the last close-up photo looks very nice. Unfortunately, I missed this event one more time.

ladymarko said...

Great colorful pics! Esp. love the 2nd last shot =)

ladymarko said...

Err by the way, if you're interested in taking close-up shots of flowers, insects and whatever else, i would recommend the Tamron SP 90mm. Cost around RM1100-1300. But if you can afford the 105mm Nikon lens... forget what I said! Heehhe..

Oldstock said...

Dr Sam, the last close-up photo is now my laptop wallpaper. Lovely..

Oldstock said...


Thanks for the tip about the lens. I'm actually thinking of a 70-210 zoom, or thereabouts... but out of budget for now.

Anonymous said...


Buayanya bee tuu..

I will touch a hundred flowers
And not pick one.