Monday, 10 January 2011

The previous year in pictures

I have been going through my collection of photos taken last year (2010) and had a tough time deciding to pick one pic for each month. My personal preference has always been landscape photography but I've decided to include some pics taken during weddings and engagements. I attended quite a few of such events last year.

But the event that really makes me spoilt for choice is Floria `10 in Putrajaya. I took hundreds of shots of flowers and gardens on that day but I finally decided the photo of the yellow bee is the best of the lot.

p/s : click on the photos if you wish to view a larger image... but I guess you guys know this already...

Title : Sunset at Tanjung Langsat Port
Location : Tanjung Langsat, Johor
Date : 11.01.10

Title : Early morning catch
Location : Teluk Iskandar, Mersing, Johor
Date : 15.02.10

Title : Sarah's wedding
Location : Bandar Baru Uda, Johor Bahru
Date : 13.03.10

Title : Tropical rainforest
Location : FRIM, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 10.04.10

Title : Bukit Merah Lake
Location : Taiping, Perak
Date : 21.05.10

Title : Sotong masak lemak
Location : Restoran Nasi Padang Sofian, Kuantan
Date : 18.06.10

Title : Bee on yellow flower
Location : Floria `10, Putrajaya
Date : 16.07.10

Title : Kuala Lumpur night view
Location : Hulu Langat lookout point, Selangor
Date : 23.08.10

Title : Hari raya di desa
Location : Kg Sri Pantai, Mersing, Johor
Date : 10.09.10

Title : Fallen tree
Location : Hutan Lipur Sg Tua, Selangor
Date : 31.10.10

Title : Seafood lunch
Location : Pakbara beach, Satun, Thailand
Date : 20.11.10

Title : Sireh junjung at Fatimah's engagement
Location : Shah Alam, Selangor
Date : 11.12.10


HLiza said...

Waa bestnya gambar2 ni..cantik2 semua..I like!

Pat said...

July has my vote for best picture: amazingly vivid colours!

Al-Manar said...

Salaam and a belated happy new year. Photography used to be a hobby I enjoyed during my young days. That was the time we talked about aperture, exposure meter, film speed, tripod and time exposur etc.

Like yourself I like landscape. Of the 1010 selections I have to toss between your Jan and Feb. I may have to go for Jan, the sunset, the end the day, time even the cranes stop operating - aymbolising natural and working world.

VersedAnggerik said...

I paaaaaaaling suker gambor sotong masak lemak tuh! Huhuhu....

A well depicted year in pics!

Nin said...

August takes the cake for me =)

Oldstock said...

Hliza, if you have to choose one for your favourite, which would it be?

Oldstock said...

Pat, I had a look back at the album and counted that I took 19 pictures like this... a few of them are quite good too.. only that it was real difficult to capture the bee in a still position. And at that time I was wishing I had macro lens for better close-up. Anyway, this pic is my flavour of the month as the laptop wallpaper.

Oldstock said...

Salam Pakcik Al-Manar,

I'm honoured that you've dropped by. The sunset pic was taken after work and I was waiting for Maghrib before heading home.

The sunrise pic in February also has its corresponding sunset pics I took the day before. There is one pic that I particularly liked, it has clouds in blue hues... but I decided to pick the sunrise pic because I can't be having two sunset pics back-to-back. Actually I was already preparing to pack up when a man came by on a motorbike with two kids riding pillion. He then stopped and began to spread his fishing net, to take advantage of the low tide.

Oldstock said...

Verse, understandably you'd go for the pic of food, right? Hehe... but just the same, memang sedap makan kat restoran nasi padang tu..

Oldstock said...

Aznin, that particular night shot could have been better with another 10 seconds or so of open shutter time. It was my first time experimenting with long exposures and I hadn't mastered the shutter priority settings yet. Sekarang ni dah pandai sikit and now I want to try capture the night scene at KLCC park next...