Thursday, 31 March 2011

Moving out...

Let's start with another of my well-worn excuse on why postings in this blog has been a bit sparse of late... of course the standard one being - very, very busy! The non-standard reason is that I have been on a house-hunting mission over the past few weekends because the lease to the place I'm renting now is expiring and I want to move to a cheaper unit. My current economic situation does not permit me to continue staying at the present apartment in Wangsa Maju although I like the environment quite a lot.

During the limited free time that I had, I browsed around the areas of Ampang, Pandan and Cheras to look for something within my budget. Nothing suitable was found until a chance search online indicated a vacancy at a new apartment unit in Bukit Jalil. I called the owner for a viewing appointment but he said he was driving and would call me back. After a whole day of waiting, the return call never came. The next day, I ran a google search of the apartment's location and made a trip there just to try my luck.

I located the place easy enough and politely asked the security guard at the entrance gate if he knew of any owners who want to rent out their units. He suggested I ask the maintenance office, which I did. As luck would have it, I met a staff who's acting on behalf of an owner who has a unit for rent. I had a look at the place, asked about the rental rate and decided there and then to close the deal.

It was a tiring day of moving stuff from the old place to the new place yesterday. The new place is of course very much smaller and has less facilities... but it still has a view of KLCC, albeit at a much greater distance. Cannot compare to the view from the previous place but I'm not complaining.

View from the old place on midnite of the new year...


Iskandar Syah Ismail aka DR Bubbles said...

Selamat berpindah ke tempat baru.

Saya sudah tinggal di Ampang (Kg.Melayu) sejak 6 tahun yang lalu.

Rumah sewa ini terletak di sebuah lorong kecil dan juga jalan mati.

Sunyi sepanjang hari, namun pada waktu petang atau pagi boleh mendengar suara kanak-kanak bermain di taman permainan yang berhampiran.

Memang sesuai bagi orang-orang bekerja dari rumah!

Pat said...

There's a park nearby, Fadhil. Good place for a jog - if you're into that - or a nice walk after a day at work :)

Oldstock said...

Dr Bubbles,

Pada mulanya ada kawan rekomen rumah sewa kat Kg Melayu Ampang tapi terlewat sikit, dah ada orang booking dulu. Hopefully one of these days I see how you work... :-)

Oldstock said...

Pat, yes in fact there are two parks nearby and I will check them out one day. I'm no longer into jogging... too stressful on the ankles. But walking is somthing that I can do, hehe..