Sunday, 26 February 2012

Two weddings and a sunset

It was a packed day today. The first wedding was at Rengit in Batu Pahat while the second one was at Muar. After the second wedding, I headed out to Masjid Sultan Ibrahim by the south bank of Sungai Muar. I had hoped to catch some good sunset pics at Tanjung Emas near the river mouth but unfortunately the clouds were dark and overcast.

1st wedding : Bride is my colleague named Zurainah

Proof of attendance at 2nd wedding : gift boxes and a telur pindang

Masjid Sultan Ibrahim, Muar

Muar's second mosque, across the river

Dark clouds indicating heavy rains on the way


book seller said...

suka gambar yang akhir, cantik pemandangan... :)

hadiah dan telur pindang, macam best.. :)

Anonymous said...

The pic of the second mosque in Muar really looks majestic. How old is this mosque?

Oldstock said...

Book seller,

Gambar yang akhir tu was not what I had hope to capture. If it had been a late evening sunset, there would have been more colours and those girls would've been in silhouette.

Dalam gift box tu ada kopi famous dari Muar, Kopi 434.

Oldstock said...

Cara, the second mosque is the more recent of the two, built to a similar design of the 1st one, to create a sort of mirror image. Opened in 2002 or thereabouts. The first mosque was built in 1930.

Which now gives me an opportunity to tell another story...

My friend in Muar had, at one time, advised his female clerical staff not to be involved with married men. They should marry bachelors. To which one of the girls cheekily responded, `Alaa Encik... sedangkan bandar Muar boleh ada dua masjid, tak kan Encik sebagai orang lelaki nak menghalang kot...'

I trust you get the inference from the girl's remark :-)