Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Nak potong ke tidak?

When we received our Telekom bill for this month, my wife noticed that the Streamyx broadband charge has increased to RM88 from the previous RM77. When she went to TMpoint to pay the bill, she asked them about it. She was told that the previous charges we paid were based on an introductory offer when we signed up for the service two years ago. Apparently, the rate was valid for the initial two-year contract only and we now have to pay the increased charge if we wish to remain in the same package. We have the option to switch to a cheaper package but the connection speed would be slower.

My wife mentioned to the TM staff that they should have at least sent us a note informing of the increase. Simply inserting a new charge in our bill is quite unprofessional. The staff was gracious enough to admit that it is one of TM's weakness and promise to take note of our feedback.

My first reaction to this increase was to look at other options of Internet Service Providers. The one that immediately came to mind was of course, P1 Wimax, whose cheeky TV and billboard advert is drawing a lot of attention (to those asking for the ad to be withdrawn, I have this to say... lighten up! Have a sense of humour!).

I therefore browsed their website to see what they have on offer. Before considering any of the P1 packages, I have first to check whether my residence is within their area of coverage. The result is No (or not yet, anyway). Nonetheless, I had a look at the cost of the various packages available. For the equivalent service that I'm presently getting from TM Net, the Wimax package is slightly more expensive. In addition to that, I would have to cough up a registration fee of RM100 and another RM60 for activation fee.

All in all, looks like Streamyx is still cheaper. So... tak jadilah nak potong.

I wonder if any blogger friends out there are already subscribed to Wimax. Putting the costs considerations aside, is the Wimax connection better? Would love to hear from you on this.


Lili said...

Salam Oldstock,

"Jangan potong" would be my advice! Haha! err.. I mean... Streamyx does it better, so jangan potong streamyx!

As for the the Wimax advert, I really like it... I don't see anything wrong about it whatsoever.
Betul kata you... have some sense of humour people!

drwati said...

mr oldstock, cannot answer your wimax question, but will make a formal complaint to my sis (she's telekom manager) on your behalf :-)

Anonymous said...

Mr Oldstock,

Take my advice jangan potong. Bukan bertambah cepat, slow lagi adalah. Whatever you want to do my friend tunggu next year. There will be special rates for students. Sign up la under your children's name.

I almost change from streamyx to maxis cause baru ni maxis ada bagi a very good offer.


zafi said...

maxis? say no!!!
remain with streamyx je... for the time being masih lagi stable...
wimax : ade pro and cons... based on my friends exp... some of them said its good but im not sure about the package!

nidd said...

i've been a follower of yr blog tapi ni baru terpanggil nak bagi komen sebab i've also been in the same boat. 1stly streamyx...i was duped into buying the RM77 and later increased to RM88 padahal the technician who came to my house (sebab line selalu rosak) kata that my area dpt 512k aje. Then i switched to Celcom...slow nya mcm i switched to Maxis....pun ada kala laju and ada kala slow....teringin jugak nak "potong" tapi like u i masih tertanya2. Moral of the story..service provider kita masih gagal memenuhi kehendak pelanggan.

Chahya said...

Even my Cambodian maid laughed when she watched that cheeky ad.
esp. when the pengantin says "of course!"

From the comments of those people near me using Wimax, I think you should not potong. Takpe..maintain je yg lama... :P

Snakebite said...

hah? tak potong lagi? heh heh actually saya pun tanak potong. at may house, streamyx laju, bila ada. kadang kadang lansung tak leh konek (pun intended)

Oldstock said...

Salam Lili @ Wan Teh,

Some people are sensitive to adverts that hint on sexual innuendo. What to do..

This reminds me of the famous teka-teki yang biasa kita dengar sejak kanak-kanak lagi... the one where the answer is `jagung' ;-)

Oldstock said...

Dr Wati,

Eh... takyah nak komplen sampai ke situ. Tapi kalau dia tahu pun bagus, ye tak? Actually, I am quite satisfied with the streamyx service so far.

Oldstock said...


Yup, I'm sticking with streamyx for now. I'm still not sure about Maxis though... but we'll what they offer for next year.

Oldstock said...


I have a few friends on Maxis broadband and the feedback that I get to date is not good.

My sis-in-law is on both streamyx and Wimax. Her perception is that wimax is slower.

Oldstock said...

Hi nidd,

Always glad to have a new commenter drop by.

Sorry to read that the streamyx connection is poor at your area. Actually for me, I don't have any major problems with my connection. So far so good... cuma masa diaorang naikkan harga tu, patut bagitau la sikit.

Oldstock said...


Ok... streamyx it is.

Oldstock said...

Yo snake! Your comment is even more sensitive than the TV ad, hahaha!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Oldstock, u sent shivers down my spine with that ‘potong’ word…heheh. I had to make a tough choice between choosing love & ‘tak potong’ at one time. I chickened out lah, loved my little brother more.

No, don’t potong, if u had no problem with it for the last 2 years, why change? Only RM10/mth what, it’s not going to break your bank. If you’ve got a 50y.o ‘car’ (wink2) & it’s done its use-by-date, then it’s perfectly logical to trade in for 2 x 25y.o newer models lah….muahaha.



Oldstock said...

Aiya Tommy, no need to be afraid la. Cabut gigi lagi sakit ;-)

Trading-in old model for newer ones can be exciting but detrimental to the health, not enough horsepower to match, muahaha...

Zendra said...

Dropped by expecting your commenters to go for potong steam ooops i mean stReamyx, considering the bashing it got a while back. But i have not heard anything great about the wimax either, also coverage above 4 storeys gets dodgy, they say. I use jaring lite myself only because those folks own/manage/lease (?not sure) the high-speed connection to the US on which all providers ride, that's what I was told years ago. Correct me anyone if I am wrong. Not really recommending jaring either for 99rgt per month. Streamyx still the cheapest.

BTW that snake has a cheeky bite hahaha.

And Tommy, jadi batu api lagi lepas tu cabut lali.

Anonymous said...

You mean there were people who wanted the ad to be taken off the air?

This is mighty sad...

Patricia said...

Hi Oldstock,

I read through all the comments to see if I'd get some 'reviews' for P1Wimax, but no such luck.

I, too, wanted to potong, though my Streamyx is ok lah, but like someone else says, bila ada, it's ok, but often no ada lah!!

I have a friends with P1 Wimax and it is fast and a pleasure to use they say. I myself tried it at a friend's place, and for You Tube, for example, there was no 'buffering' - just terus jalan!

But my area not yet under P1 Wimax lah, so we never potong yet ;)

Just thought I'd let you know, so you have an idea of the option. Monopoly leads to the mess we're in!

Nurie said...

I ingatkan anak bujang you baru nak sunat! ha..ha..
..and abt that teka teki pasal jagung tu, that is a classic!

Oldstock said...


Speaking of Jaring, I recall being a subscriber way back in the early days of the Internet. Masa tu pakai dial-up connection at speed of only 14.4 kbps. Slow gila... the triple W acronym those days meant World Wide Wait.

Jaring masih meniaga lagi ke sekarang ni?

Oldstock said...


Among those who protested is Wanita MCA.

Star Online article 31.10.09

Oldstock said...


I am actually hoping that Wimax can improve their coverage and offer competitive rates, so that there is some competition among the ISPs.

Oldstock said...


I have a few other teka-teki (baca dari buku) with the same innuendo as that jagung one, perhaps even more vivid. Tapi takleh share kat sini :-)

Lili said...

Hi again Oldstock!

Thanks for following me at my not-so-intelligent blog. I feel inadequate being here in your and the other bloggers' blog... You people are so good.

BTW, I hope you please drop that wan teh, ok? Lili will do. hehehe...

Lepas ni, I ingat you post an entry on teka-teki. Sure gempak punye! If only you knew my cousin..(somehow I think you might know him given your MRSM's days..err!) he has this penchant for riddles. We seldom meet, but when we get to meet he would always ask, "ade
teka-teki tak?"!! In fact teka-teki is his favourite pastime.

Sorry, for taking up your space to rant on an entirely different subject.

anneaziz said...

Salam Oldstock,

The ISP walaupun bukan gomen tapi sebab ada monopoli, they act like one. Like u said...takkan tak leh antar notice sikit...print kat dalam bil ke about the rate increase. You know we all need to be reminded of our commitments along the way.(Ehem, ehem!)

Fill me in...I'm curious about the teka-teki with jagung as the answer! Will curiosity kill me? I'm no cat!

DrSam said...

Salam. I am having the same thought as weather to switch party...opppsi... service provider. But so far my streamyx hasn't gave me major problem yet except their billing (too fast potong if you forgot to pay on time - very efficient indeed in that matter).

p/s: that potong advert really potong my stim la. reminded me of my potong experience :)

Oldstock said...

Hi Lili,

First of all, you need not feel inadequate. Write in your blog because you like to write and you have something to share. Don't feel that you need to judge the quality of what you write by comparing it with others.

So, throw away the worries, my friend. If you have the desire to improve, it will come naturally.

Now... on this topic of teka-teki. I have a book of koleksi teka-teki Melayu. Most of the riddles are from way back in time and nobody actually knows who invented them. A few of these have heavy sexual innuendo, which goes to show that orang Melayu dulu-dulu pun tersangatlah open-minded.

I'm still in two minds about putting some of these teka-teki up here. Maybe I'll start with a `mild' one first... and see how many of my readers have otak kuning, heheheh...

Oldstock said...

Salam anne,

Eh.. tak kan you tak tahu teka-teki yg jawapannya `jagung' tu? The one that starts with : Selak kain nampak...

Alahai... innesen jugak cik anne ni ye :-)

Don't worry la... your profile pic is a cat maa. So you have nine lives, hehehe.

Oldstock said...

Salam Doc,

I've not had any major problems with streamyx so far. Not even potong service bila terlewat bayar.

On this subject of potong bill... I previously posted a joke in October last year. If you have not read it, try clicking the following link ->

On a lighter note

anneaziz said...

Salam Oldstock,

I could kick myself for asking that question...Hahhaah! bukan inesen tapi blurrr!

Nasib baik I got 9 lives!

Oldstock said...

Salam anne,

Hehehe... sesekali blur takpe, mungkin letih memikirkan masalah negara kot :-)

Ok lah... for your benefit (and also for Lili to ask her cousin), here's a teka-teki for you to exercise the grey matter :

Tutup pintu, tutup lampu. Buka kain, terus main.

Lili said...

Hi Oldstock!

Alah...yang tu senang...


This, I don't need to ask my cousin. It is my teka-teki that he looks forward to. I remember giving him one that made him laughed rolling on the floor!

Btw, sorry Anne...I answered first!

anneaziz said...

Salam oldstock,

Hahahaa! Tak leh nak cakap pun!

anneaziz said...

No problem Lili,

I prefer to laugh at the innuendo!

Hebat orang Melayu ni ek?