Monday, 7 December 2009

Four Fridays on a trot

If you make your living in the state of Selangor, you would be enjoying public holidays on the next 4 consecutive Fridays :

1. 11 December 2009 (Friday) - Sultan of Selangor's Birthday
2. 18 December 2009 (Friday) - Awal Muharram
3. 25 December 2009 (Friday) - Christmas Day
4. 01 January 2010 (Friday) - New Year's Day

That's four long weekends on a trot. You could use the time to go for a mini-break, to catch up on some reading, send your young son for his berkhatan ritual, attend wedding invitations or perhaps organize one of your own...

I bet the TGIF restaurant chain is really looking forward to this.


3yearshousewife said...

Malaysians are indeed very lucky to have so many public holidays.

mamasita said...

This is a bonus trot for Selangor residents! Wonderful!

But for others, three trots are still fantastic too! Best!!

So you'll be trotting to Kuantan yer..enjoy!!

TGIF mahal oi..satu Friday pun dah koyak poket!!

Justiffa said...

Dont you just envy us ;)

(but for people working against deadlines, especially when it has to do with the year end closing of accounts its just less workhours & more stress).

Apapun oldstock, enjoy the extended weekends :D

HLiza said...

In just 3 more Fridays 2009 will be gone?Oh too busy working and just realised this..

VersedAnggerik said...

Ooooo best nya.

Tenkiu for making this reminder. I can go panjat bukit, redah hutan and terjun gaung, with all these Fridays off!

Oldstock said...


Yes, Malaysians are lucky in that sense. We celebrate all manner of religious and cultural festivals. Public holiday kat UK pun I rasa tak sebanyak kat Malaysia.

Oldstock said...


We would probably be in Kuantan over the Christmas weekend. Kalau sempat nak drive up to KT juga for a day or two.

There is one TGIF outlet here in JB tapi dah lama tak pegi. Sekali-sekala mahal takpe kot :-)

Oldstock said...


Good point you mentioned there. I hadn't thought of it that way.

So, for you guys who have year-end deadlines to meet, good luck with the stress and pressure... while the rest of us enjoy the break, muahaha!

Oldstock said...


Yup... we're nearing the end of the year already. I guess next year could be a very busy one for you, to catch up on the lost time. Selamat kembali bertugas.

Oldstock said...


How come I can guess the things that you may up to? Heheheh... the most active blogger-friend that I have.

Will always look forward to you stories about panjat gunung, redah hutan, terjun gaung, selam laut dan apa lagi...

How about trying to fly a microlight aircraft? I've got some friends in Seremban who are active in this kinda thing.

pakmat said...

..or you can make a trip to Kelantan..get the feel of our monsoon..and wade in the floods..whilst nibbling ubi kayu rebus..
..enjoy your long weekends, oldstock..for pakmat, everyday is a holiday..orang pencen..:)

DrSam said...

four blissful fridays, with four bored schoolkids looking forward for their father's time off. Great reminder.

Adirya Kiratas said...

This is the beginning of the 4-day work week!! Now all we need to do is look for another 48 reasons to fill in the remaining Fridays of the year.


Oldstock said...


Actually I did think of visiting KB but the driving distance is too far to handle on my own. Maybe next time bila ada rezeki sikit, we'll fly over and then get a rental car to move around. The wife memang dah lama berhajat nak melawat Kelantan.

Oldstock said...


Opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids eh? Ataupun the kids are bored of spending time with us, hahaha!

Oldstock said...

Adirya Kiratas,

No chance of this sequence happening again. Next year's Christmas and New year fall on Saturdays.

Thanks for dropping by.

Ki Moira said...

someone's turning 28y.o come Dec 18th :)

Rina said...

Sorry to ask this..

As a halal-conscious consumers, I doubt about TGIF. And..the only TGIF outlet in JB should be located beside a Johor High Court -> Ada lagi ka?

Wait, am I in the circle or not?


Oldstock said...


If I'm in KL at that time, we'll go celebrate together :-)

Oldstock said...


I don't actually know if TGIF at JOTIC next to mahkamah is still in business. Dah lama tak pegi.

Masa pegi dulu, maybe 15 years ago, ada sijil halal untuk daging steak dia dari NZ (macam Victoria Station). But not the whole restaurant halal maybe because of other things. Sekarang ni tak sure pulak. Nanti I gi survey lagi.

Chahya said...

Yeay!!! I stay in Selangor :P

Bestnyer cuti...cuti dalam cuti.

Patricia said...

Hi Oldstock,

We live in KL, so it will be three in a row for us. But both my son, and my husband won't be able to enjoy it - gotta work lah. But my daughter and me will find ways to make them rock, I'm sure!

But I goyang kaki at home lah. Every day is a holiday. YAH, RIGHT!

Oldstock said...


Cuti dalam cuti? Camne tu? Adakah Puan Chahya seorang guru yang sedang bercuti dan akan menikmati cuti dalam cuti?

Oldstock said...


Cikgu pencen yang cuti setiap hari, hehehe :-)

abd. halim hadi said...

Fast but fast reading,...nice blog

Oldstock said...

Salam Abd Hadi,

Thanks for dropping by. Will visit your blog soon.